How this Consultant Used the Design Sprint to Double His Revenue

Consultant Fabrizio Faraco tells how the official Design Sprint Masterclass by AJ&Smart helped him double his revenue within a few months. Read more here!

You might have heard about our Design Sprint Masterclass – the official online Design Sprint course that we made with Jake Knapp. Since we launched the Masterclass last year we’ve been blown away by the insanely positive feedback we’ve received about how the course has helped people grow in their careers, charge more money as freelancers/consultants, improve their businesses and generally get sh*t done better and faster.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our Community Manager, Ryan de Metz, delved right into this topic with Fabrizio Faraco –  a strategist, trainer, mentor, and a Design Sprint Masterclass alumni.

Ryan: Welcome Fabrizio! It’s lovely to have you here. Can you give us a little intro: where you’re from and what you currently do?

Fabrizio: I’m Fabrizio Faraco, 61, an economist. In the past, I mainly worked with corporations, then moved to entrepreneurship and then into consultancy and mentorship.

Ryan: What made you decide to do the Design Sprint Masterclass? Was there a particular problem or challenge that you were trying to solve?

Fabrizio: While working with clients, I noticed a growing demand not only for the strategic direction but for further implementation as well. So I was on the lookout for a methodology that would give me tools both for strategy and execution. When I found out about the Design Sprint Masterclass, it immediately felt like the right fit. I attended the free webclass and by the end of it, I was sure it was the right thing to do.

Design Sprint provides tools both for strategy and execution

Ryan: How did you find out about the Masterclass?

Fabrizio: At first I found AJ&Smart videos and articles on Medium. They gave me a pretty good idea about the Design Sprint process. I’ve run a Sprint of my own, and though it went OK, the experience made me realize that I need more preparation. It’s not as easy as dropping a few sayings around and piecing it together. So I took part in the free webclass and after that, I got into the Masterclass.

Ryan: Now that you’ve completed the course, have gone through this journey and added the Design Sprint to your skillset, how have things changed for you?

Fabrizio: When I started as a consultant I sold my time and competence, as a facilitator I’m selling workshops and programs. I am now closing bigger contracts, the Lifetime Value of my clients has increased. As a consultant, I am more valuable for the company and as an entrepreneur I have a bigger market within the same client pool.

Ryan: Have you seen a significant financial gain now that you are able to offer a more robust streamlined process for your client?

Fabrizio: Yes! Last year I doubled my revenue, and this year I’ve reached the revenue of last year by the end of the first quarter.

Doubling the revenue with the Design Sprint

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Ryan: Impressive! Would you say that the Design Sprint Masterclass gave you a competitive advantage against your competitors?

Fabrizio: Yes – it connected me with the community of practitioners all around the world, who I can collaborate with. That allows me to take on bigger projects: I’m not limited to my old network anymore. I am also sure I am getting the most up-to-date information on the Design Sprint, and monthly coaching calls are just priceless.

Design Sprint Masterclass connects practitioners from all around the world

Ryan: What was your favorite part of taking the course?

Fabrizio: My favorite part was the style of instruction. Dee (the trainer in the Design Sprint Masterclass) is very consistent, and her teaching style doesn’t get boring over time. I also enjoyed the downloadables, they help a lot during the Sprint.

Ryan: What would you say to somebody who’s debating joining the Masterclass?

Fabrizio: First of all – it’s the only way to get into the community and reap the benefits of community-based learning. As soon as you join you get access to the source of continuous learning. Secondly, as a Masterclass student, you’re one of the first ones to find out about any changes to the Design Sprint framework. All in all, the Masterclass gives you an exact recipe for a successful Design Sprint. Just like with baking a cake – even a minor mistake with ingredients and the right proportions is going to ruin the end result.

Design Sprint Masterclass has the most up-to-date information

Ryan: Thank you, Fabrizio!